Links to Other Comics

The following are the links I've posted in my little front-page "journal", listed here most recent first.

But first off, here's big ol' list:

Lunchbox Funnies
An unendingly charming collection of first rate all-ages comics. Now, you do know that all-ages really does mean all ages, and not only kids, right? It's just friendly to everyone! Now go over there right now and make some friends.

Cat and Girl
Dorothy Gambrell's twice-weekly strip is smart and weird, two of my favorite things. It's also really funny (to me, anyway...). But the icing is its light touch: it satirizes our foibles with absurdity and good cheer, instead of that sense of contempt that so often spoils the fun.

The Jason Turner Project
Jason Turner has a LOT of different short comics and ongoing projects on his site (WAY more than me). His drawing style is sketchy and friendly, and his writing is mostly like a pleasant coffee shop poetry reading. Be sure to check out (and then buy) his new book (it's an actual story, co-written with Manien Bothma)!

Dial K for Komics
Matt Putnam-Pouliot's site, chock-full of charming comics about adorable monsters and bugs! My favorites are the Small Worlders stories of insect adventurers.

Dean Trippe
I am very fond of Dean's drawing! Simple angles and curves with loose-but-clean inking. A class act all the way. In particular, check out Butterfly, his cute-as-the-dickens superhero satire.

Joey Weiser
This site has a sizable selection of short comics with a simple and fun drawing style and writing full of surprises and good humor. The centerpiece is the ongoing saga, The Ride Home (updated weekly).

Kazu Kibuishi
I've enjoyed Kazu's drawing and his incredibly natural computer color work for some time. Now he's posted a couple of interesting tutorials: his processes for a monthly web comic, Copper, and his first graphic novel, Daisy Kutter.

Drew Weing
If my inking gets half as good as Drew's, I will be satisfied. Set to Sea is his current story, proudly bearing a strong influence of Segar's Popeye while making the style his own.

A cheerful, innocently depraved and generally charming "family" comic by Jeffrey Rowland. (NOTE: Wigu seems to be on vacation for a while, but the archives are worth a look for sure.)

Same Difference
Derek Kirk Kim's big-time, Eisner Award-winning triumph! If you haven't seen it before, this comic is just very, very fine. Story, characters, drawing, all pitch-perfect.

Hunter and Painter
Britisher Tom Gauld has an amazing sense for simple line work, and this short story shows it to great effect, along with wit and quiet charm.

Johanne Matte
Johanne has a great drawing style, as seen in her Horus minicomic, and her contributions to the Flight anthology (Volume 2). "Mouse Trap" (sample page here) was a true inspiration for me.

The Secret Friend Society
Two friendly all-ages comics by Hope Larson (Salamander Dream) and Kean Soo (Jellaby).

Dalton Sharp
Dalton has a really nice simple and evocative style. His long and epic story is the ever-mysterious "Love is Lava." His live journal has many months of almost daily episodes, but the story starts on his "official" site.

Jonny Crossbones
I love Les McClaine's drawing!! Click the latest episode to get to the story archive and read the whole thing.

Ryan Estrada
Good cartoonist, terrific human being. Check out his great travel comics!

Flight Anthology
The site for a visually stunning print anthology. Lots of links to contributors' sites, and preview samples.